South Africa Urban and Regional Science conference

South Africa Urban and Regional Science conference

Over the past years, several international conferences in the field of regional science have been organized in South Africa.

The 3
rd Biannual ISIbalo CRUISE Urban and Regional Science Conference – to be held in the picturesque city of Stellenbosch in 2017 –demonstrates that regional science research in South Africa is increasingly anchored in the strong international research tradition encouraged by The Regional Science Association International. South Africa aspires to be a recognized partner of the international regional science community.


The conference is aimed at bringing researchers from academia, the private and public sectors and non-governmental organizations together in an effort to present and debate prevalent urban and regional development issues and to share knowledge, viewpoints, methods and research outcomes around six main themes:

  • Theme 1 – Social and economic change in cities and regions
  • Theme 2 – Clusters / corridors / declining / lagging areas
  • Theme 3 – Formal / informal business growth / decline
  • Theme 4 – Mobility / migration / commuting trends and issues
  • Theme 5 – Urban growth / housing trends and issues
  • Theme 6 – Governance / policy issues

Researchers in the fields of Economics, Planning, Geography, Sociology and related Social Sciences are encouraged to participate.

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