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Supplier database

北京赛车助赢 (Stats SA) hereby notifies all prospective suppliers interested to register as a preferred vendor of Stats SA that all new registrations must be done via the Central Supplier Database as established by National Treasury by using the following link.

National Treasury on behalf on Government has implemented a Central Supplier Database to serve as the source for all supplier information for all spheres of government with effect from 1 April 2016. This initiative is based in principles of simplification, standardization and automation of the supplier management process

All prospective suppliers interested in pursuing opportunities within the South African government are encouraged to self-register on the Central Supplier Database. The self-registration application represents an expression of interest from the supplier to conduct business with the South African government. Once submitted, prospective vendor application details will be assessed for inclusion on the Central Supplier Database.

Vendors already registered on Stats SA’s Supplier Database and who also registered on the CSD must provide Stats SA’s (Supplier Database Section) with their CSD supplier number and unique security code as well as any other relevant documentation (not yet electronically verified by the CSD)

Supplier can access the “Suppliers Leaflet” on the Stats SA website or alternatively in your web browser go to //


All enquiries can be directed to:


Supplier Database Section

3rd floor, De Bruyn Park Building

Cnr Thabo Sehume and Madiba Streets



For attention:

Mr Barend Henderson: Tel: 012?310 8054 or Email:

Mrs Edith Mmachacka: Tel: 012?310 4613 or Email:

Mrs Vonani Ngobeni: Tel: 012?310 6910 or Email:

Mr Julius Howle: Tel: 012?310 8270 or Email:

Mrs Martha Mogoko: Tel: 012?310 6978 or E mail:

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