Your monthly update on South Africa’s economic indicators

Stats Biz – June 2018

Johannesburg, Tshwane, eThekwini and Cape Town contributed 49% to total municipal debt in 2016/17. Together, these four cities have a population of almost 17 million people, making up 30% of South Africa’s total population. Explore municipal debt, as well as other stories, in this edition of Stats Biz. Download Stats Biz – June 2018

Stats Biz – May 2018

Fuel, meat, beer and wine. These are products that have increased the most in price over the last year. South Africa’s consumer inflation rate jumped to 4,5% in April after reaching a seven-year low of 3,8% in March. Explore the list of products that you are now paying more for, as well as other stories,   read more »

Stats Biz – April 2018

Perspective matters. A lot. Recent provincial economic data published by Stats SA take on a fresh light when they’re ranked against other countries. Gauteng would become the 7th largest economy on the African continent if it became an independent state. The economy of KwaZulu-Natal is roughly the same size as Tanzania’s. Explore our provincial economies,   read more »

Stats Biz – March 2018

The tourism sector directly contributed 2,9% to the South African gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016, according to the latest release of Stats SA’s annual Tourism Satellite Account for South Africa report. The sector also employed just under 687 000 individuals, making it a larger employer than mining and utilities. Explore the economic impact of   read more »

Stats Biz – February 2018

You’ve got no one to blame except yourself. Admit it. You totally forgot about Valentine’s Day. And now you’ve got to come up with something fast! Fancy a candlelit dinner at a restaurant? Or a basket containing chocolate and wine? Stats SA takes a look at the prices of gifts that will warm the heart   read more »

Stats Biz – January 2018

Love, history, taxes, and your home. These are a few of the topics that Stats SA covered in 2017 through the lenses of numbers and statistics. Stats Biz takes a look at some of the more interesting bits of economic data that were published in 2017. Explore these headlines, as well as other stories, in   read more »

Stats Biz – November 2017

Want to know how your taxes are spent? Stats SA recently published a breakdown of government spending for 2015/16. Did you know that more money was spent on servicing debt than on tertiary education, and more on defence than on environmental protection? Explore what else government spends money on, as well as other stories, in   read more »

Stats Biz – October 2017

It’s hard to believe. It goes against what we often hear. Whether chatting with friends around the braai or debating with family at the dinner table, almost everyone has a story to tell about their own experiences with rising prices. Surprisingly, data show that there are in fact items that are cheaper now than they   read more »

Stats Biz – September 2017

If you’re dreaming of one day purchasing a holiday home, and space is important to you, Durban might be the best option. On the other hand, if property costs are your main concern, East London might be a place to consider. Which cities have the largest, and the most expensive, homes? Explore housing prices, and   read more »

Stats Biz – August 2017

South African households spend more on beer than they do on vegetables, according to data from the Consumer Price Index (CPI) release. Beer accounts for 2,1% of total household spending, higher than the 1,5% that is spent on vegetables. How does spending on beer compare to other products such as tobacco and sweets? Explore household   read more »

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